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Possession of an illicit drug or controlled substance can be one of the more aggressively prosecuted crimes in the State of Iowa. Possession of marijuana, in any amount, is against the law in the State of Iowa, and a person convicted of possession will face penalties depending on the amount in possession, whether or not it is their first offense, and whether the court has reason to believe there was an intent to distribute or traffic the substance. Possession of other substances like cocaine, methamphetamine, or psychedelic drugs can also carry significant penalties. Although certain controlled substances, such as oxycontin, can legally be in your possession if you have a valid prescription, it is illegal to possess these drugs without a valid prescription.

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Penalties for marijuana possession in Iowa

In the State of Iowa, it is unlawful to possess even a small amount of marijuana for personal use. First offenders can face up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000 if convicted. For second offenses, the penalties increase to one year of jail time and a fine of up to $1,875. Each additional offense is classified as an aggravated misdemeanor, and if you are convicted, you may be facing up to two years in prison and fines of up to $6,250.

If you are charged with manufacturing or distributing marijuana, the potential penalties are much more serious. Even for a first offense, distributing or manufacturing up to 50 kilograms of cannabis is classified as a felony, and if convicted, you may be facing up to 5 years in prison and fines of up to $7,500.

Aggressive criminal defense for Iowa residents charged with possession

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