Birth Injuries

Was Your Child Was Injured at Birth as a Result of Medical Negligence or Malpractice?

If your child suffered a birth injury due to medical malpractice, chances are your child will need lifelong care. The Iowa City birth injury attorneys at the law firm of Hayes Lorenzen Lawyers, PLC can help.

Complications During Pregnancy Can Lead To Birth Injuries

Sometimes parents of children with birth injuries are reluctant to seek legal assistance because they believe the birth injury to their child was their fault. In some cases, the reasons for the birth injury are unclear. In other instances, the birth injury is the result of complications during pregnancy. In many cases, the OBGYN should have recognized these complications.

If there was a failure to diagnose a dangerous condition during pregnancy that led to a birth injury, there may be a cause of action against the obstetrician who was providing care throughout the pregnancy. Contact Hayes Lorenzen Lawyers, PLC to speak with a birth injury attorney about your concerns.

Cerebral Palsy-The Result of a Birth Injury

Cerebral palsy is most frequently the result of birth injury. If your child has cerebral palsy, he or she will probably need lifetime care. If you are a parent who is struggling to raise a child who suffered a birth injury leading to cerebral palsy, contact  Hayes Lorenzen Lawyers, PLC for information and assistance. They serve clients throughout Iowa.