Delayed or Missed Diagnosis

Medical Malpractice: Missed or Delayed Diagnosis

When you visit a doctor, you are counting on his or her knowledge and expertise to be able to properly diagnose and treat your medical condition, or refer you to a specialist who can. But misdiagnoses or delayed diagnoses are common, leaving patients thinking they are being treated properly when they may not be. In many cases, early diagnosis means a better patient outcome, so a missed or delayed diagnosis can mean serious repercussions for the patient. In cases of serious illness such as cancer, it may even lead to wrongful death.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a missed or delayed diagnosis, the medical malpractice lawyers of Hayes Lorenzen Lawyers, PLC, are here to help. With over 50 years of combined legal experience, our seasoned malpractice attorneys have provided skilled legal counsel to clients throughout the State of Iowa, and we are ready to put our experience to work for you. We offer free initial consultations, and in most cases, we collect no attorneys' fees if you aren't awarded damages.

Dealing with insurance companies after a malpractice claim

Doctors usually carry malpractice insurance to cover misdiagnoses, but these companies will often do everything in their power to avoid paying fair compensation for medical malpractice. Oftentimes, they may pressure you into accepting an early settlement offer, hoping you will take far less than you could potentially get with representation from a skilled Iowa malpractice attorney, and sign away your right to pursue further compensation in the future.

The problem with these early settlement offers is that they seldom take into account the real toll your malpractice injuries can have on your finances and your quality of life. In addition to lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical bills, your case needs to reflect whether your injuries may lead to future lost wages as a result of diminished capacity for earning a living. When you retain the services of the malpractice attorneys of Hayes Lorenzen Lawyers, PLC, we'll work with doctors and care planners to determine the true cost of your injuries, and fight for fair compensation.

Representing clients throughout Iowa

Our medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys serve clients throughout the State of Iowa, including Iowa City, Des Moines, Marion, Davenport, Cedar Rapids, Burlington, Keokuk, Waterloo, Fort Madison, and other communities throughout Johnson, Des Moines, Lee, Linn, Blackhawk, Polk, and Scott Counties.

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